Sean Fitzpatrick

Last Updated On May 28, 2018
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Sean Fitzpatrick as Brigade Adjutant was head of intelligence for the IRA in South Tipperary.
In such a role he held vital information that influenced Brigade decisions on military actions and counter espionage activities.
With the Brigade Commanding Officer, Seamus Robinson, Sean Fitzpatrick was involved in many vital roles and decisions, throughout the final twelve months of the War of Independence in South Tipperary.

A methodical man, Fitzpatrick brought perfection to the administration and intelligence machine of the movement in South Tipperary. No other officer including the Brigade Commander had the same knowledge of what happened throughout the South Tipp.

Brigade areas as Fitzpatrick during the very special and vital time in our history. Sean Fitzpatrick had a calculating mind, a clarity of vision about the future and a firm conviction that what he and his comrades did was right and proper. His foresight, courage and military brain served his country well.