Sean Downey

Last Updated On May 28, 2018
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Sean Downey was on the mist colourful, bravest and intelligent officers of the Third Tipp Brigade of the IRA during the War of Independence. His bring exploits always caused amazement to his battle hardened comrades.

Behind all Downey’s actions was a cold, calculating mind working to motivate his comrades and to puzzle the enemy. His boyish gaiety and bravado acts, always boosted morale amount his comrades and turned their minds away from the grave danger they faced continuously. As an officer he took his duties seriously and was highly respected by his fellow volunteers.

One of the many dramatic happenings he was involved in occurred in New Inn village in early 1920. He was visiting a licensed premises in New Inn when armed police attempted to arrest him. In a quick thinking act he organised a general melee among the customers in the pub and in the confusion made his escape.

Always game for a prank or a good night at a house dance or a sing song around a neighbour’s kitchen fire Downey would follow this up in a short time with a well planned attack on enemy forces. Odds against never worried Downey where the cause of Ireland arose. He was a man who was greatly admired and highly respected by his comrades.