Paul Mulcahy

Last Updated On May 28, 2018
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Paul Mulcahy was a loyal son of the Irish Republic, joining the Irish volunteers in September 1914 under Pierce McCan. He was an activist from the beginning to the end. Mulcahy was one of McCan’s chosen ten in Easter 1916 for his armed guard of Ballyowen House, the county headquarters of the Irish Volunteers.

In the aftermath of 1916 Mulcahy after his leader McCan’s arrest with his brother Pakie, Sean O’Riain and others secures and serviced their armoury of weapons. He was active in keeping the Dualla company intact and the main force in recruiting new members. He was elected Company Captain in 1918 as well as being a Sinn Fein activist in the election of the imprisoned Pierce McCan, to the first Dail in December 1918.

Arrested in early 1920 Mucahy was imprisoned in Wormwood Scrubs jail and released after a 22 day hunger strike. On July 2nd, 1920 he was one of six armed Volunteers who ambushed a cycle patrol of the RIC, fatally wounding one and seriously wounding another. Throughout the drama filled days of the War of Independence, Mucahy was to the fore in several engagements.

In the tragic days of a glorious fight for freedom Mulcahy lost his close comrades and great friends, the Looby brothers Jim and Laurence, Bill Delaney, Paddy Hogan and Pierce McCan. Like a great oak in the forest, he stood the test of time, before fading away like an old soldier, to join his comrades in the valley of eternal youth in Heaven. A loyal friend, a great neighbour, a true son of the Irish Republic.