Paddy Moloney

Last Updated On May 28, 2018
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Few in Ireland;s fight for freedom gave as much and endured as much as the Moloney family of Tipperary town, during the War of Independence. Paddy Moloney with his brother Con and father P.J. was in the front line of the struggle and the target of Crown forces and Pro British elements in Tipperary town, for being a true Irishman. P.J. was elected to the first Dail and was proprietor of a chemist shop in the town.

His business was a prime place for looting and intimidation by the servants of the English crown. Paddy Moloney at a young age joined the Irish Volunteers with his brother Con. As a close friend of Sean Duffy a Monaghan man resident in Tipp town, Paddy became his comrade in arms. They both enjoyed their roles as soldiers of the Irish Republic, sharing in close escapes from capture and displaying exceptional bravery and the highest soldierly qualities in battle.

Moloney was cool, resolute and motivated by a strong patriotic desire to free his nation and elevate the slavish minded minority. He fell in action at Gortdrum, Tipperary six weeks before the Truce of July 11th, 1921 with his comrade Sean Duffy.
A monument close to where the two brace volunteers fell stands at Gortdrum. The crown forces not satisfied with killing the two brave