Ned O’Reilly

Last Updated On May 28, 2018
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When Ned O’Reilly joined the Irish volunteers he brought with him intuits ranks the spirit if the folk of the hills of Tipperary.

Coming from the Glenough region of Rossmore the young O’Reilly with Jack Ryan (Master) became the targets of police surveillance and special agents as well as informers. He was a man of action with a clear perception of the role of an Irish Freedom fighter.
A friend of Dan Breen and Sean Treacy, O’Reilly was one of their close confidantes with whom they discussed their movements and plans. Ned O’Reilly walked the roads of Tipperary with a casual appearance but was always vigilant and alert during the War of Independence.

In local actions and with the Flying Column O’Reilly displayed coolness and a calculating approach when under heavy fire, that distinguished him as an officer of exceptional ability. He never deviated from the high ideals and noble objectives that motivated him to serve Ireland so well, when the need was greatest and the risks high.

His name and his deeds live on in the history and folklore of his country and local region.
Despite imprisonment and police harassment over man years bu native as well as foreign Government O’Reilly never expressed bitterness.
In his own words to an old comrade, “you must be prepares to suffer pain if you fully believe in the right of the cause you serve.”