Ned Grogan

Last Updated On May 28, 2018
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When the Cashel volunteers were reformed in 1918 among the enthusiastic recruits was a youth of fine athletic frame with a fresh and noble countenance.
He was Ned Grogan a man in build but a teenager in years. Good humoured and highly intelligent the young Grogan quickly displayed a wisdom and maturity of thought that surprised his elders.

His interest and level of commitments was such that in a short few months he had emerged as one of the best members in his Company.
His personality and military ability combined, elevated him through the ranks to that of Vice Comdt. of the 2nd Battalion of the Third Tipperary Brigade before his 19th birthday.

Cool under pressure and optimistic in outlook the young Grogan went on to become one of the leading IRA officers in South Tipperary during the War of Independence. He was a much wanted man on the British murder gangs hit list during 1920 and 1921.

Whenever and wherever people recall the glorious years of the struggle for freedom in South Tipperary, the able leadership, the bravery and the responsible decisions he made at crucial times in the Cashel Battalion area, vindicate the faith Sean Treacy had in the youthful Ned Grogan.
Never one to boast of his role in the history making event he played his part in, Ned Grogan will always be remembered as a man who led the way in his own region to the path of Irish freedom.