Ned Foley and Paddy Maher

Last Updated On May 28, 2018
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Ned Foley was a Galbally Volunteer who took part unarmed in the Knuckling train rescue of Sean Hogan in May 1919.
He was arrested several weeks later with Paddy Maher who had no involvement in the episode.

After a long detention and a trial in Armagh both men were convicted on evidence that would be inadmissible in any reasonable court of law. Both young men showed remarkable calmness and retained a most impressive demeanour throughout their trials and long detention.

They met their deaths with remarkable calmness and reconciliation towards their fellow men and at peace with God.
Their executions five weeks before the Truce on June 6h, 1921, in Mounty Jail was another example of British vengeance towards the Irish people.

The manner in which they faced death gave a message to the British that you can kill the Irish but you will never keep their spirit down.