Events in Fethard (1916 – 1923)

Last Updated On February 23, 2018
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Easter Sunday 1913 A company of Volunteers founded in Fethard Patrick Flynn, Burke St. appointed Captain.

Drilling, parading, and fund for arms purchase set up.
After start of First World War Vol‘s split in Fetliard as elsewhere.

After O‘Donovan Rossa funeral decision to found Irish Volunteer Co. in Fethard. Started with 15,16 members, by 1916 over 50 members. John O‘ Shea elected Captain.

No advance warning of the Rising. D.P. Walsh before he goes to Dublin for Easter tells local Vol“s. that there may soon news from Dublin and countrywide, but little is thought of it.

Easter Monday 1916 Jack Looby brings dispatch to Fethard from P. McCann to ready companies for mobilisation. Order cancelled by afternoon. Some alarm among R.I.C. as to actions that might be taken by Vol‘ 3. later in Easter week.

POST RISING P. J. Heneghen, and DP, Walsh arrested and interned in Frongoch camp, Wales. R.I.C. begin to pay greater attention to Fethard Vol‘s.

James Keating is now involved in reorganising local volunteers and Sinn Fein Clubs. Training exercises begin at Cramps Castle supervised by Paddy Hogan of Cashel. After Waterford by election in March, which was won by Irish Party candidate, some friction arises between republicans and Irish Party supporters.

Billy Flynn organises Fianna Eireann in Fethard. Flynns becomes a dispatch centre for Volunteer, Fianna, and Sinn Fein and latterly the IRA.

1918 Conscription crisis, ranks of various nationalist groups swell due to fear of government action. Anti Conscription committee set up. This fades as war begins to go allies way. War ends in November 1918 and is followed by General election. Sinn Fein Candidates score a near landslide.

Pierce McCann, Dualla elected locally, for East Tipperary, much activity by Fethard Sinn Fein groups up to and post election. 1919 Patrick Flynn elected to County Council for Sinn Fein in Fethard.

Sologheadbeg Ambush, Jan.l9th. Start of war of independence. 3rd.