Capt. Patrick H. O Dwyer.

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Capt. “C” Coy. (Hollyford), 3rd Batt., Third Tipperary Brigade.

Bureau of Military History Statement #1432.

Probably the most important segment of this statement is Paddy O Dwyer’s description of the Soloheadbeg Ambush, 21 January 1919, in which he played a very active part. This was the first armed action of the newly formed Third Tipperary Brigade and it marked the start of the War of Independence. However, every paragraph of his story is interesting and well worth reading. It describes his political awakening and his involvement with the Volunteers. It also describes the many armed actions in which he participated and the efforts he made to secure his country’s freedom. He emerges as a generous, dedicated, hard-working, modest, and fearless Volunteer.


Vol. Paul Merrigan.

Vol. “F” Coy. (Mount Bruis), 4th Batt., Third Tipperary Brigade.

4th Batt. Transport Officer

Bureau of Military History Statement #1667.

In his statement Paul Merrigan describes the events of Wednesday, 26 April 1916. On that day Michael O Callaghan shot and killed two RIC men who had come to arrest him near Kilross. Dan Breen said that his action “Saved the fair name of Tipperary during the Easter Rising.” Merrigan also aided O Callaghan in evading capture after his whereabouts had been betrayed by an informer.

The second important part of his statement is a description of the Lisnagaul Ambush in which he was a participant. It also details his activities as a member of an Active Service Unit.