Capt. Paddy Ahearne

Last Updated On May 28, 2018
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When the Irish Volunteer movement was established in South Tipperary, a young determined Paddy Ahearne joined their ranks. Though a mere youth in years he had a mental maturity of a man with a knowledge of Irish history greater than most of his fellow volunteers.
Ahearne quickly won the respect of his elders and officers. When 1916 came Ahearne had risen to officer status and was one of the enthusiastic men awaiting active service in Rosegreen on Easter Sunday morning.

During Easter week Ahearne with other volunteers remained armed. While patrolling the road between Clerihan and Rosegreen he confronted and fired on a motor vehicle that was transporting British military intelligence officers from Clonmel to Templemore.

Capt. Paddy Ahearne was involved in countless actions during the War of Independence, including the capture of three British Army officers, who were later executed by the IRA. He lost a hand in the conflict but bore his handicap with the nobility of a true Irish warrior.

Throughout a long life he held firm to his Republican ideals of a 32 county Ireland. He was a man who grew old with dignity.